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Chelsea Market

The Chelsea Market encompasses an entire city block – from 15th to 16th Streets and from 9th to 10th Avenues. The complex is essentially an urban food mall with an industrial decor – the central corridor has remnants of the old factory building (click here for more photos). An enclosed mall-like space this large is somewhat unique for NYC. The 11-story building is the former home of the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco), where everything from Saltines, Vanilla Wafers, Fig Newtons, Barnum’s Animal Crackers, Mallomars, and Oreos were made – in fact, the Oreo cookie was invented here in 1913. For an excellent article about this building and its history, click here.

Nearly all the retailers are food-related: restaurants (Iron Chef’s Morimoto and Mario Batali’s Del Posto are there), cafes, gourmet food shops, produce shops, ice cream parlors, bakeries, and kitchen supplies. The building also provides office space for a variety of tenants, including various media companies such as Oxygen Network, The Food Network, and the local NYC cable TV station NY1.

6 Responses to Chelsea Market

  1. Never been there! NYC is so full of things to discover… Excellent pic with a perfect framing and a beautiful light!

  2. They have a shop for the amazing Fat Witch brownies. Ever try them?

  3. No, I try to keep the dessert thing down, but if the brownies are recommended, I will try them.

  4. An original place

  5. I just happen to love the Chelsea Market – particularly the kitchenware store. It is on my to do list for my christmas visit to NYC.

  6. Brian, I am interested in using this photo for a publication but cannot find your contact information to send a consent form to.

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