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Fire and Ice

I have seen fire and ice, and it was spectacular.

Sunsets are a bit like Japanese restaurants in New York City – everyone knows the best one. In the case of sunsets, everyone has seen the most spectacular at some special time and place. So I am not going to tell you that I have seen the best sunset ever. However, I will say that this was the most remarkable sunset I personally recall seeing in New York City. While taking these photos, a woman ran out of a neighboring building into the frigid cold with camera in hand to capture the fleeting moments. See my entire gallery of photos here.

After a day of adventure seeking with a friend, Red Hook, Brooklyn, was on our late-day agenda. We were not looking for a sunset, but as we approached the waterfront at dusk, I had a sense that something good lurked around the low-rise building known as the Beard Pier Warehouse. We explored the southeastern side of the warehouse, which was extremely nice, but I was getting antsy knowing that the sun was rapidly setting on the other side.

A UPS truck blocked our exit on the narrow roadway which flanks each side of the pier building. Waiting to back out of the one-way street was like watching the sands of time.

Have you ever driven around a corner or bend in the road where an extraordinary vista is suddenly revealed? This was our experience as we crossed a small alley on to the west facing side on Beard Street Pier and nature’s full glory burst into view. As I scurried to the water’s edge, I was equally stunned to see what at first look appeared to be an array of white glass – they were, in fact, smooth stones covered with a layer of ice. The red-orange sun illuminated the arched cast iron doorways and red brick of the pier building. The whole set looked like an installation art piece entitled Fire and Ice

20 Responses to Fire and Ice

  1. Chuck Pefley says:

    Truly stunning. What bridge is that in the distnace?

  2. Brian Dubé says:

    Chuck – thanks. that's the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge which spanning between Brooklyn (left) and Staten Island on the right.

  3. Me and my puppies says:

    Brian ~ I've been touring Paris for several years now via Eric. The other day I came across his City Daily and happened upon you. Though you are only across the river and I know NY quite well, I always enjoy seeing someone else take on the city. Nice "meeting" you, I'll be back soon.

  4. Hey Brian,

    I'm Australian and was in New York just a few weeks ago for Christmas. I completely love the city! I found your blog which now has its place in my bookmark toolbar. Really enjoying the posts!


  5. Sue's Place says:

    WOW, beautiful photos!

  6. Your post reminded me of this poem by Robert Frost

    Fire and Ice

    Some say the world will end in fire,
    Some say in ice.
    From what I've tasted of desire
    I hold with those who favor fire.
    But if it had to perish twice,
    I think I know enough of hate
    To say that for destruction ice
    Is also great
    And would suffice.

    I really like your photos:) Greetings from Poland

  7. Love the poem. A great tribute to your work, too.

  8. Impressive!
    Especially the second one "Ice on water."

  9. An Honest Man says:

    Brilliant set of photos.

  10. very good blog..visit a portuguese blog..


  11. WOW, stunning photos!

  12. WOW amazing photos!
    love your blog


  13. Brian Dubé says:

    Papa – Funny – I just read that Frost poem while working on this story. I was going to link to it – thanks!
    Thérèse, An Honest Man, Mary, Mirela, portuguese, LoliTa – thanks all and thanks to mother nature.

  14. Love the photos, love the poem! Really beautiful.

  15. Spectacular !

  16. Jay B. Wilson says:

    Really amazing shots. It seems that since December, there have been a handful of spectacular sunsets in the NYC Metro area.

    Driving home last night from CT, the sky above the Merritt Parkway around Stamford was amazing – wondering if the sunset in the city was as intense?

  17. bigapplejuice says:

    Mention RedHook, and sunsets immediately come to mind! Actually I too did a post on sunsets in RedHook sometime last year! Coincidence, perhaps, or a reaffirmation of this simple fact: this is the best sunset spot in NYC. Hands down!:)
    Great pics!

  18. Isn't it amazing, the love of sunsets? I have photographed them from this location, too. But yours, Brian, are a magnitude greater. Thanks for all your work.

  19. Beautiful pics, makes all the hard work you put out worth wild!
    Look foward to more of your endevours :)

  20. Bri opps the anonymous above was me:)

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