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The Cyclone

The Cyclone, built in 1927 in Coney Island, is probably the world’s most famous roller coaster. I’ll leave the history and specifics to this article or the official site. I rode it once many years ago with a friend who grew up in Brooklyn. It really was terrifying, in part due to its really rough ride. It’s an old-style wooden structure, predating the high-tech engineered scream machines of current times – all the jerking and whipping action of this old coaster really intensifies the ride. Newer coasters are much smoother and safer feeling.

When we took this photo just recently, the ride was not running – closed for maintenance – but this is controversial according to rumor and articles like this one. Here are more photos, including one great view from the top of the Wonder Wheel.

3 Responses to The Cyclone

  1. Sounds fun! I love roller coasters! Though I tend to chicken out sometimes =)

  2. I’ve chickened out mostly too. I should have on this one – it was brutal. Rumors are that they closed the Cyclone temporarily because someone got whiplash.

  3. At parc Asterix in paris they have the happy medium – a new ride with the clack-clack sound of the old wooden coasters!

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