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Central Park Mall

If you’ve traveled this far into Central Park, you will have noticed a number of things. It’s an amazing park – a triumph in urban landscaping. It’s quite large. It’s remarkably varied, and there are spots like this one where you can’t see any urban structures at all – very bucolic. And you could use a rest. So I recommend sitting on one of the benches here in the central spine of the park: this beautiful wide esplanade known as The Mall and Literary Walk, flanked with quadruple rows of tremendous old growth American elm trees, forming an enormous tunnel of green. Stately.

3 Responses to Central Park Mall

  1. An amazing park for sure. It’s wonderful how the vision of the naturalists of centuries past has endured and proven itself such a valid concept.

    What would New York be without Central Park?

    The Olmstead brothers had a big hand in designing lots of it I believe. They also designed lots of parks here in Seattle.

  2. Yes, everything you say is true. I often felt that Central Park was somehow an essential spot of respite in every New Yorker’s subconsious mind.

  3. Wow…wish I could visit Central Park someday. Looks amazing!

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