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One Candle Power

For those wondering what New York City is like in lower Manhattan, try no electricity, no heat, no hot water, no subway, no lights, no Internet for most. No elevators, no cooking for many, no refrigeration. It’s cold, dark, and primitive. It has been days and will be days longer. For now, it’s One Candle Power :(

19 Responses to One Candle Power

  1. Barbara Saunders says:

    Hope things will sort out very soon for you all. Your blog shinesall the more in the dark. Chin up. (Now guess which nationality would ever say that.)

  2. Karina Holm Nielsen says:

    I am thinking of all of you in this devastating period of time:-( I love your blog and NYC … The kindest regards to you Brian and all you friends and people affected by the disaster. From Karina, psychologist, Copenhagen/Denmark :-)

  3. Cheri Boyer says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery at least for electricity!

  4. I remembered you when I saw the news and also when I saw on Lower Manhattan, as I read your blog and I love nyc am praying and twisting for everything to improve and be wonderful again as always it is! Sinara (from Brazil)

  5. Praying that things get back to normal quickly. For as tough as Sandy was….New York is tougher and won’t let a little wind and water take it down. Love your blog….

  6. Heartbreaking to watch my beloved NYC and beyond with such devastation. Hoping for a speedy recovery!
    Stay safe …
    From all of your friends north of the boarder on the very wet West Coast.
    VanCity, BC

  7. Brian, I don’t even know what to say. The pictures out of NY are overwhelming. We hope it all gets better soon!

  8. Hi Brian, I have been following your blog many years and it always inspires me to go places in NYC when we are there on vacation. Having just been there in early October it’s hard to believe the pictures we see on TV. We are thinking of you and are glad to read that you are okay.

  9. It’s very hard to believe NYC is in such a state. My six year old girl is very worried if the storm did any harm to the statue of liberty. Stay safe ! We all here from the lone star state are hopping for a speedy recovery of NYC.

  10. for those who have had loss we pray . lord here our pray .we shall over come this .a test from the lord of our strength .like johnlennon said imagine and come togther right now

  11. Sally Darling says:

    I was SO hoping you would post something. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone there. Good to hear from you Brian! Hang in there, oh what a story you will post, for this I’m certain.

  12. ánimo desde España

  13. And this was only a cat 1 hurricane. What would have happened if it was a cat 3? It’s time to overhall the entire electric system here one day. Nobody wants to do it.

  14. So much for public utilities being operated for profit.

  15. Myra Beaulieu says:

    Bri, been worried sick about you so glad to see you around, be safe please!

  16. Myra Beaulieu says:

    OMG I pray the Lord will helps—I’m so pleased to see your up and running!!!

  17. Brian Dubé says:

    Thanks for the well wishes. We are ok now in Lower Manhattan – power has been restored to most areas, but other areas of NYC are devastated, without power, heat, running water, or even homes having been flooded or completely destroyed. It was a little weird not having the city up and running at its usual pace but we are slowly recovering, some parts more quickly than others.


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  19. Line Godbout says:

    Hello Brian

    I am a graphic artist working in Montréal, we are publishing a maagazine called Convivium.
    I was looking for a one candle image to illustrate the celebration of our First Year of publication.

    I just found your candle, andI think it would fit perfectly on our editorial page, so I am asking if it’s possible to publish it. It would be i black and white, but still verypowerful, because the contat is good.

    So let me know if we have the agreement for publication.
    Also if we can get a bette quality image (300 dpi, is best)

    I am a Drop Box user, and you can get back to me at lgodbout@destudio.ca

    Thank you
    All Best

    Line Godbout

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