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Views From Governor’s Island

6 Responses to Views From Governor’s Island

  1. Love these photos, it’s from a view I haven’t seen before so thanks for sharing them.

  2. I agree with Cheri, these photos are just stunning Brian. The aspect is visually beautiful.

  3. Cheri, Rose – Thanks. The best vistas of Manhattan are, of course, from other boroughs (or New Jersey). Governor’s Island is a lesser known and visited locale which affords great views of the city.

  4. Hi,

    I just started with an english version of my (hobby) photo puzzle site digipuzzle.net, and I just placed a New York City puzzle (http://www.digipuzzle.net/cities/newyork)… and now I stumble over these beautiful photo’s
    I am wondering if I can contact you for some more photos, so I can use them to make more puzzles about/for New York City


  5. OMG! I just adore NYC. I hope I get to travel there again soon. Until then I’ll be browsing your amazing website and posting beautiful pictures on mine!

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