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Dachshund Octoberfest

Yes, this is the Dachshund festival! Twice a year, there are Dachshund festivals in Washington Square Park: the Dachshund Spring Fiesta on the last Saturday in April and the Dachshund Octoberfest on the first Saturday in October. Hundreds of Dachshunds and their owners meet for an afternoon of socializing. More photos here.

The purpose, as stated by the Dachshund Friendship Club: “Our purpose is to introduce dogs and their guardians to each other and to encourage a friendly interaction between our animal companions and their guardians. The highlight of the festival is the singing of the The Dachs Song, which was written for the club by Paul de Vries and Murray Weinstock.” Some dress their dogs in costumes, but this is not required. The festivals are free, open to all, and non-competitive – just an afternoon of friendly meet and greet…

7 Responses to Dachshund Octoberfest

  1. John - Melbourne says:

    A festival just for Dachshunds ! Now I’ve seen everything! I can give up blogging immediately!
    Dog gone it!

  2. Apparently, dachshund lovers also have a thing for denim.

  3. As an avid animal lover, esp.dogs, I find this very amusing. Great pics.

  4. Oh he is so cool in his black jacket! It is like the older dog in the front is thinking there are a lot of other places he’d rather be.

  5. Asoutspe it is a German word and the dogs are German dogs, the correct word is DACHSHUNDE not Dachshunds.

  6. Every year my family goes to this or the one in October. We have two doxies and it’s a wonderful time to have them meet the other doxies. We share photos on Facebook and it’s a great meet and greet for Doxie and dog lovers in general.

  7. You missed out the Parade. Still useful, however.

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