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Dog Run

The dog runs in the city parks are designated places where dogs can be let off the leash. There are a number of them around the city because owners have banded together to get places to let the dogs run free, in return for policing themselves and picking up after the animals. They love it, especially when many other dogs are there – the more the merrier, because there is nothing dogs like better than socializing with other dogs.

This one is in Washington Square Park, and people come to watch them run and twirl around in happiness, from the sidelines, like a spectator sport. There are also certain human social cliques that form among the dog owners, by breed and size and temperament, and city people who do not normally interact with strangers will do so on behalf of their dogs, striking up friendly acquaintances that are built around their pet’s interactions. You can see, in the photo here, a human tribal gathering forming to mirror the pack gathering that occurs with the pets…

10 Responses to Dog Run

  1. This post reminds me of the Oprah Show where she showed that her dog has a bad habit of attacking other dogs. This sure is not a place for Oprah’s dog :)

  2. Dogs are a little like kids – a good way to meet people. I’m sure that some people who are shy and would never go out benefit from having a dog!

  3. midnitebara says:

    People here loves dogs. Can see them walking their dogs and taking them to parks but I havent heard of a dog park or dog run here in Akita yet. There are dog cafe’s , dog hotels where you can leave your dog when you travel.

  4. Sounds like a very sensible development

  5. What a great idea, I love it! and so would my dog ‘Lady’. She loves other dogs company.I normally take her to the beach and she is always looking for other dogs to play with.

  6. Well we have them here in Kansas City. Very popular with humans and with Gus, my Boxer.


  7. That is a good idea, but sometimes this meetings should be a little explosive don’t they?
    Anyway i prefer freedom and big walks, i have one big dog and a tiny one, little one is always putting all of us into problems:)

  8. this is great!! I bet they have some fights sometimes though?

  9. Actually, there are self enforced rules, and the people who bring the dogs are responsible to make sure if fights happen that they break them up before anything gets out of hand, and everyone is pretty good at making sure that works out ok. People who bring their dogs to these runs are the types that have generally well socialized and not super aggressive animals. There are two types of dog runs, ones for small dogs under 20 pounds and ones for over 20 pounds. Generally if you have a small one it’s best to go to the runs for the small dogs, because as we know, the big ones can play rather roughly from time to time. Also, true Sam, it is a way to meet people, and there are all kinds of etiquette that people follow, like they will ask the name of the dog, but not the person’s name, so as not to be too prying, but if it is volunteered, it moves on from there.

    We also have dog hotels but they are very expensive. There is a bakery that makes cupcakes for dogs in my neighborhood, in Brooklyn, and that is all they do, bake dog treats. But most of the time you can’t bring your dog in with you anywhere, unless they are very very small and can fit in a handbag, unless it’s an outdoor cafe.

  10. Dorrie Woodson says:

    Robin always said that dogs are here to be the goodwill ambassadors to/for the world!

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