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Grand Central

This is the place whose very name is synonymous with busyness and crowdedness – I grew up outside of the city yet always heard that popular refrain about a place being like “Grand Central Station.” Not an inappropriate reference, since Grand Central is the world’s largest train station.

Officially Grand Central Terminal, the site has seen three different incarnations of the station, going back to Grand Central Depot in 1871. Amazingly, Grand Central was actually under real threat of various demolition proposals by Penn Central – a decade-long legal fight, with efforts of many including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and a United States Supreme Court ruling, succeeded in preservation. In 1976, Grand Central was designated as a National Historic Landmark. In 1998, the terminal completed a restoration, including the renowned ceiling mural with its constellations and beautiful cerulean sky, originally painted by Frenchman Paul Helleu. The large American flag was hung after 9/11. These are in the main concourse as seen in the photo.

This is much too large a topic to do any justice to in a daily photo blog, so I would recommend various sites for more reading. Click here for the official site, which gives not only a complete history but also provides links for food (restaurants and menus), shops, tours, and events. Here are three previous posts I have done on the terminal: the exterior sculpture, the iconic clock, and the Oyster Bar

8 Responses to Grand Central

  1. The whole place is amazing. I have always been into the ceiling since I read the Halperin novel Winter’s Tale, where the hero hides behind the ceiling mural for an extended time to escape the street gangsters looking for him. He sets up an apartment up there. Apparently there is a huge attic like space above the ceiling. I recommend the book to anyone interested in the old landmarks of NYC.

  2. Salvador Dali used to say that Perpignan’s train station was the center of the world… If i could humbly contradic the master, I would say that NYC’Grand central is!

  3. Lucy, I’ll try to find the book now. I love this shot. Great place and wonderful, nostalgic landmark for many people!

  4. Pierre – As far as the exterior of Grand Central goes, most of it is not situated to be very visible. So, I would imagine the exterior of Perpignan could easily compete.

    Kate – thanks.


  5. Imagesmith says:

    I like your blog, I’ll be back!!

  6. Beautiful photo – beautiful place. Grand Central – it conjures up all the romance of New York known from dozens of movies.

  7. imagesmith – thanks!

    Sally – yes, it is one of the major NYC icons. I always recommend it as a must see for visitors.

  8. I am always impressed with your blog entires… not only the photos but the information, too. Thanks!

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