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à la Chien

The health department in NYC does not allow dogs in restaurants except in very special conditions. Federal Law under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that restaurants allow service and guide dogs at indoor and outdoor dining areas. Beyond that, they make recommendations only – states govern restaurant health laws (there recently has been some abuse of new rulings regarding pets needed for “emotional support”). Sidewalk cafes where no cooking is being done have been the only spaces where patrons can dine with their dogs.

In France, where dogs abound, there are no such restrictions, and even the finest of restaurants allow them and even welcome them. Small dogs frequently sit aside their owners or in their laps. Waiters will play with dogs and their toys. Many new visitors to France are actually quite shocked when first exposed to these customary practices.

There are a few new dog-friendly restaurants, such as Fido Cafe, where the special conditions of separation of dining and cooking areas have been created. There are several hundred thousand dogs in Manhattan, so any accommodations for dogs will be well met by the myriad of owners in the city. The large dog in the photo was observing the fine dining of his owners at Cipriani in SoHo – he (or she) seemed to be quite well behaved while doing his poor, hungry dog routine. Click here to see him being rewarded for his patience

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  1. Before I read your commentary it reminded of the very civil (in my mind) attitude Europeans have about dining with one’s pet. I think that some of the health restrictions are hogwash. To my knowledge dogs have never been responsible for hepatitus or food poisoning which has been caused by HUMANS working in conditions! I say, let them in!! Your photo is a great capture!!

  2. Hi, I think its important I announce that I am French.
    I never came to NYC (maybe one day?!?) but I thought that dogs were accepted in all restaurant all around the world, and I am very shocked that govenment laws not allows them to be welcome in these places. I tought dogs were the best friend of man and woman!!!

  3. The NYC health department does not allow dogs in restaurants, but…looks the other way when the rats run amok ;-)

  4. I am not a “dog person”, but I must agree that I doubt there are really any serious health threats with dogs in restaurants.

  5. Great posting(as always), Brian!!

    By the way, I just did a side slip to Google to check out reviews of Cipriani in SoHo and Oooouch!!!…..not kind from what I read….so, Manhattanites, would it be true that if dogs had pockets, this one’s one be deep…and he would have had better food at his last Alpo meal!!?? LOL

  6. My best friend when I was a kid was a Scottish Terrier. When my Grandma left the room I slipped my plate of liver under the table to Duffy and he scarfed it up. Oh yeah that Liver is real good Grandma. LOL

  7. These two photographs are marvellous and I was so happy to see a dog in a restaurant in New York. I live in France and yes, the French welcome dogs in almost every restaurant. In fact it’s normal to ask for a bowl of water for your dog at the same time as you order the wine! And waiters will often give the dog a little treat at the end of a meal.

    Thanks for your posting. Loved it.

    Jilly, who loves dogs and works with them. x

  8. Abraham Lincoln says:

    I think I heard a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human being’s mouth. I have been licked on the face and mouth for 73 years. That must say something about dogs. I really like the photograph a lot.

    I did a kind of segment on how to create a backyard wildlife habitat and it is at Brookville Daily Photo and it contains a lot of information that may upset some folks. Not sure if you are interested or not.

  9. Merisi's Vienna For Beginners says:

    My dog thinks he’s landed in paradise since he moved from the States to Vienna: he’s allowed to go everywhere and has his favorite coffee houses (where you can see dogs comfortably sleeping not only under the tables, but at times even in the middle of the floor, with patrons and waiters stepping gingerly over them). Water is usually offered to the dog as soon as you place your own order.
    At the doctor’s the dog gets a treat and free dog sitting while I’m with the doctor.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I guess that’s why Paris is known as the dogshit capital of the world.

  11. How cute is that with the dog leaning on the table. Instead of saying, get your elbows off the table, you could say, get your nose off the table. I love dogs.

  12. Let'em in!

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