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Dog Dating

LeashesandLovers is a group that puts on events for NYC dog owners – singles looking to meet other dog owners, or social events for dog lovers who want to meet each other on a friendly networking basis. Seems like they run an event in the downtown area every other weekend. Here’s a link to their organization with upcoming planned events, including videos of their parties. They appear to draw a rather attractive young crowd. They also have indoor events at various bars and restaurants that permit dogs, as well as hiking events and other outdoor socials.

This event was held in Washington Square Park – see more photos here. This lady’s dog is the soul of patience, permitting her to put shoes and socks on along with the sailor suit. Some much prefer to go au naturale…

14 Responses to Dog Dating

  1. Ohh my look at that little thing, its so cute :)

  2. yes, cute dog, cute picture, the colorful balloons added more cuteness to it :) great shot!

  3. hmm..good way to socialise!
    lovely shot:)

  4. What a funny picture! The little dog does not appear to be smiling.

  5. Italian greyhounds! Chic.

  6. Kathrine says:

    This is also why I looove New York. The people are great and there’s something for everybody.
    Great shot!

  7. Funny shot

  8. Liz Feliz says:

    Cute shoes!!

  9. Wonderful photo! You can almost see the cartoon balloon over the wee dog’s head: “Just wait ’til I get a hold of HER shoes . . “

  10. I would say when you have a dog you don’t need to be on such a network anymore because the dog makes you meet other people even if you don’t want to.
    I love the shot but i don’t know if i think it’s funny or sad.

  11. Well, yes, one hopes that she doesn’t do this to the dog every day, or too frequently…
    He looks to me like he would rather be running around barking. Chiuahuas even though small are generally pretty fierce. I think it was Paris Hilton that got people started on dressing up their tiny pocket dogs, lately. She had some Guess ads in the magazines with her dog wearing all kinds of outfits and accessories…

  12. I have to admit that this kind of way to treaten your dog looks very stateside ;-) but the photo is great.

  13. bernay daily photo says:

    i like this one…. funny but i don’t know if it’s for the dog, or for the woman….

  14. Funny dog on the nice shot… :)

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