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No Safety in Eggs or Toast

Those who read these pages regularly know that I have just about given up on diners. Regardless of how little I want, what I want, or how much I am willing to settle, they always seem to be a disappointment. One would think that choosing the very simple, such as eggs, would be safe. But, alas, I have learned that even in New York City, whether diner, cafe, or restaurant, there is often no comfort in comfort food, and there is no safety in eggs or toast.
In one story, Greasy Spoon, I tell of my inability to even finish the toast – that meal was in the old Waverly Diner (before its recent renovation). I love the Waverly for what it represents historically in the Village. I just wish the food would match up. The cafe typically offers better food, and that is where I had most recent experience with eggs.

Recently, at Salerno Service Station in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it was suggested by the manager that I might want to relax and catch breakfast nearby at the Willburg Cafe while waiting for my car to be serviced. I arrived at the Cafe at 7:50AM on a Saturday, and it appeared that it might not even be open. It was, however – just empty. The place was quiet and comfy, and I settled in near a window. A customer here and there began to filter in.

The menu looked good, however, I decided to go with the least risky – an omelet with an English muffin and potatoes. I was quite pleased – they were some of the best presented and best prepared eggs I have ever had. Online reviews of the Willburg Cafe run the gamut. Some claim it was better when, while others say they had poor service. I cannot speak to that. It was my first visit, and I was the first customer. My waitress was prompt and attentive. How this place would be when crowded, I have no idea. But I will visit the Willburg Cafe again. Because here, at 623 Grand Street, there is a place that is winning the war in a world where there is No Safety in Eggs or Toast :)

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3 Responses to No Safety in Eggs or Toast

  1. It looks nice:D Greatings from Romania!

  2. I’m a diner guy myself and have had the best diner food from Union Square (around park ave). It may be a bit more pricier but it’s usually worth it.

  3. Everything on your plate looks like much better quality than most diners…AND any place that serves milk in that adorable little pitcher is ok by me! Hmmmm, now when am I going to be in Williamsburg….?

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