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Third Anniversary

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Yesterday was the third anniversary of New York Daily Photo – 953 postings and thousands of photos! I have put together a collage of 48 photos from the last 12 months, featuring many favorite postings of mine and of visitors to this site. I have assembled as wide a spectrum of photos as I have on this website – street life, parades, architecture, food, vistas, art, music, nature, local businesses, the unusual, the hidden, and the whimsical. In the last year, I have provided a more personal view in many of my writings, with this site becoming not only a window to New York City but also a window into my soul as well as into how I see the city, with stories and anecdotes from my life both here and and outside of New York. Thanks to all of you for visiting.

27 Responses to Third Anniversary

  1. hmm.. that's weird.. am i the first to comment here? :D congrats!! here's to more photos & great articles to come.. :)

  2. Writing Practice says:

    Thanks for the magnificent site.

  3. Bravo to 3 years! Will you be able to come up with other ideas for the next?

  4. 3 years?! But it was just the 2nd year anniversary it seems! Still checking your blog every morning, keep up the incredible work…!!

  5. If there was a stronger word than ‘Congratulations’ I would use it Brian. You are spoiling us with pictures and explanation about New-York City like no one else. What a documentation. Are you thinking about a book by subject or something? Hommage to disappearing places… or …
    Bravo c’est tout ce qu’il y a à dire.

  6. Love New York. Love your Daily Photos. I check it out every morning.Really learned a lot and looking forward to your future postings. Thanks

  7. Congratulations Brian, Here’s to the next 3 years and hopefully many more.. Great Photo’s and blog..

  8. Congratulations on your anniversay. You do such a fabulous job!

  9. Happy birthday !

    I discovered your blog last year, a few month before my travel to NY in July 2008.

    One year later, I still come back here end enjoy !

    Thank You.

  10. Congratulations! This is really a terrific blog, and I check it out every morning while listening to my jazz music and sipping my coffee. I love the city, and you do an excellent job in covering it. Keep up the great work!

    From all the way up in canada!

  11. Thank YOU for posting!! :)

  12. Beth in NYC says:

    Congrats, Brian! I’ve learned a lot about my home city over the past couple of years from your posts. Looking forward to many more!

  13. wow..that looks terrific …I cant wait to delve into all of that! can see not much work getting done here!
    Congrats on a third anniversary. Amazing. good on you. Thanks for bringing NY to those of us who miss her a lot!

  14. Well congratulations .. and try as I might I can’t catch up .. really enjoy and appreciate the research, the images, the stories of a city thatis special to me … thanks for the journey … very kind regards Jeremy … from the capital city of a litle country somewhere in the South Pacific

  15. Please keep up the great work

  16. Lily Hydrangea says:

    Love this! & Congratulations.

  17. Michael George says:

    Congratulations! I am always so amazed at how much effort you put into these posts.

    Such a good read every day.

  18. Happy Anniversary :) I also should celebrate, cos I'm visting your blog for around a year. My most surprising photo was the one with Jezus and WTC towers, truly gives the sense of NY spirit. Keep on workg & Good luck!

  19. Linda in Lancaster says:

    I tried to think which one would be my favorite, and I just couldn’t narrow it down. They are all wonderful and congratulations are in order for your 3rd anniversary! You do a great job and I always look forward to “the next one!”

    Thank you for sharing your city and one of our favorites!

  20. Congrats, Brian! I’m amazed at your consistency. Very good language – it’s enriched my vocabulary. Photos are awesome.

  21. Congratulations Brian! My 3rd is coming up very soon too – and, well, I’ve also been working on a collage of favourites – hope you don’t mind the same idea! May there be many more b’days.

  22. Happy Anniversary! Love your blog. And love the collage of photos. I hope you’ll keep doing it for a long, long time.

  23. Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com says:

    this is an excellent collage of New York. very well done.

  24. I’m a little late haha, but congrats and happy 3rd anniversary! you run a great blog!

  25. be entertained

  26. Happy anniversary. Great work.

  27. I love your site. Happy anniversary.

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