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Wonder Wheel

I love Ferris wheels. Although few of the original rides in Coney Island remain or operate, the Wonder Wheel is one which is still going strong and with a perfect safety record. Built in 1920 from Bethlehem steel forged on site, it stands at 150 feet tall, and it is unique with outer fixed cars and inner cars which swing.

We took a ride – a first for both of us. The views were wonderful, and I took many photos while aloft here and more photos here. The Wonder Wheel was landmarked by the city in 1989. It’s a beautiful antique when viewed from any angle – the beach, the air…

6 Responses to Wonder Wheel

  1. Built in 1920? What a good maintenance!

  2. Yeah…its 86 years old now!

  3. Manuel Tendero Gil says:

    unas fotos con mucho colorido me gustan un saludo

  4. Maybe its age but these things really scare me now!

  5. Merci pour la video. Elle est superbe la Wonder Wheel

  6. Hi there

    The links you used do not exist anymore, but you made me curious about the view you had up there!

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