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I see this dog frequently in my neighborhood – extremely striking and handsome. I recently spoke to the owner, complementing his dog and questioning him about the dog’s striking appearance. He responded saying that the dog was part wolf.

I know little of dogs, but apparently dogs and wolves have a common history and frequently mate. And there are established lines of wolf-dog hybrids. However, none of the images I have seen look like this dog, so I question the claim. I believe the idea of having a wolf-dog has a certain appeal and cachet amongst some, so perhaps there is some wishful thinking on the part of the owner. But the dog is still quite special. He seems to get no shortage of attention and is quite happy being himself…

9 Responses to Wolfdog

  1. Yes, the animal is striking, and yes, I, too, doubt that s/he is part wolf. In Minnesota it is illegal to own a hybrid wolf-dog since they’re not very stable.

  2. Ditto.

    ps The wolf-dog pup on Wikipedia link is very cute.

  3. Edwin Sumun says:

    he’s beautiful! and looks like a very clever dog too!

  4. that is an interesting lookin gdog – never seen anything like it – part german sheppard part collie perhaps?

  5. I think this dog is one of a kind…

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  7. Looks like a low content wolf and Golden Retriever mix. Ive owned many wolf hybrids, low to high content. I rehomed 30 in 6 months, and have a lotof experience handling them. THEY ARE NOT UNSTABLE!!! How anyone could believe that nonsense is extremely disappointing. They are illegal because people are afraid. People are misinformed, and quite oblivious to the fact that wolfdogs came first. End of story. The facial structure is too wrong to be German Shepherd, the smooth features and thick muzzle are typical of wolfdogs.

    People, PLEASE do your research. Wolfdogs are unique, and wonderful creatures. I currently have one, the other passed away of age. One Timber mix, one Arctic mix. I’ve never had a better dog. :)

  8. yes, i believe it could very well be a wolfdog (definitely NOT a wolf hybrid – they are different things!). totally agree with Brooke’s comment – the breeds are unreasonably feared – they are exceptional dogs. ALL dogs (without exception) originated from wolves – without wolves we would not have dogs. they can be difficult to train – not because they are less intelligent, on the contrary because they have a lot higher intelligence level than dogs & they are not prone to please like dogs – they have a mind that can think for themselves & if they see any benefit in doing something they’ll do it – not because someone is asking them to do it!! if you think dogs are intelligent, get this, compared to wolves they are quite dumb – over time humans have tried to breed out a lot of that inbuilt intelligence they originally had in the name of “domesticating”. anyway, coming back to this specific dog – yes, its very beautiful! i like its eyes, looks like a clever chap! :)

  9. Most wolfdogs are bred from huskies or other breeds that look very similar to wolves making the wolf dogs look very similar to wolves also however I could be wrong I believe that this canines was bred from a less wolf like breed of dog probably a golden retrever, from its appearance.

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