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Fourth Anniversary

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Much like the clichéd married spouse who is amiss and forgets their wedding anniversary, I, in spite of some thinking in advance, let the day of the Fourth Anniversary of this blog slip by. New York Daily Photo started on March 17, 2006 – there have been 1220 postings to date. Please accept my belated anniversary gift.

As in the previous three anniversaries (see links below), I have put together a collage of 48 photos from the last 12 months, featuring many favorite postings of mine and visitors to this site. I have assembled a wide a spectrum of photos in keeping with the spirit of this website – street life, festivals, architecture, special people, food, vistas, music, nature, local businesses, the unusual, the lesser known, and the whimsical.

In the last year, I have increasingly woven more personal stories and unique experiences from my life both here and outside of New York into my writings, with this site becoming not only a guide to New York City but also a place to share the view from my window. Thanks to all of you for visiting and reading :)

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29 Responses to Fourth Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! As a result of one of your posts, I'm going to try to get over to the footbridge in Sheepshead Bay. Thanks for all the wonderful photos and writings!

  2. Congratulations, Brian, on four years of great pictures and imformative commentary. Here's to four more years!

  3. Happy birthday! And congratualtions for your blog.

    I was in NYC last week and it was really an intense experience, reading your daily note is a good cure for the blues of 'not being there anymore' :)

    You can see my pics on my FlickR page:

  4. Bagus.Happy bday and keep on blogging bro.what an inspiration from the other side of the globe.

  5. Congrats from Germany; I love your blog, your stories and New York!

    I hope you keep doing this for at least four more years!

  6. I have followed your blog for several years and love the photos and information even though I don't comment very often. Looking forward to many more years. Congratulations!

  7. NY Twitter says:

    You can see my new window of NY at

  8. Kelly-Vision says:

    Happy Anniversary & what a cool way to commemorate (I may have to steal that idea sometime). Love your pics!

  9. An Honest Man says:

    The world is much richer not only from your photographs with commentary, but from the obviously personal experiences which colour them.

    Keep posting and enlightening not only me, but all the varied readers, some of whom comment.

  10. Monika N. says:


    I usually start my day with a cup of coffee and your blog post. Thank you for all the wonderful work!

  11. Happy Anniversary, Brian!! I absolutely LOVE your blog!! Have you ever considered publishing a book of your photos?

    Keep on posting!!

  12. Sotalljack says:

    Congratulations on your fourth anniversary! I enjoy visiting to see what you are featuring and to read your unique and well-written perspective.

  13. Congratulations, Brian. And I like APB's book idea. Or is that too old fashioned.
    My best regards.
    And I hope to see you juggling some time yourself in the park. BTW, a GREAT jam tonight from Scott and Paul Decoster with a borrowed guitar.

  14. Happy Anniversary! You do and did a great job with this blog.

  15. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Brian!

  16. Happy Anniversary!…and thank you so much for the wonderful glimpes of life in NYC! I was able to visit for almost a week a few years ago and fell in love with the city! I long to return but don't know when I will be able to make that happen…so to appease my yearning I read your blog and live vicariously. I hope that the next time I do visit I will be better prepared to see and appreciate more that NYC offers.

    Thanks Again!

  17. Congratulations, Brian! And thank you very much for lots of great photos and your wonderful writings!! With your work I´m able to visit the city I love most of all cities I´ve seen till now every day – and you can be sure: I do!!! Your blog is my little daily trip to NYC.

    Keep on posting!! And please: not only the next four years, but muuuuccchhh longgger!!!

  18. Happy Anniversary! I went through the photos and it's hard to pick my favorite story/photo… in the end I think I settled for the Jungle lovers :)

  19. Keep up the good work, Brian!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary and thank YOU for your great stories and pictures!
    Rolin -the netherlands-

  21. Well done!

    your blog is awesome ;)

  22. Julio Cesar Corrêa says:

    Congratulations, lad!
    Terrifics works about a terrific city

  23. Russell Claxton says:

    "May thee blog be here a hundred years, with an extra one to repent."
    Congratulations and thanks!

  24. Levinson Axelrod says:

    Great job. Congrats on another anniversary.

  25. Congratulations !
    I love your website !

    Thank you !

  26. Congratulations Brian.
    I am your reader for more than 3 years! :)
    your blog inspired to start my own :)

  27. Happy anniversary! Congrats and thanks for your blog. It's really good! Greetings from Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.

  28. Juan Miguel says:

    Congratulations Brian and thanks for all your beautiful photos, by a chance it's funny trhat last week I also celebrated my MySpace blog's first anniversary.


  29. Hi Brian,
    I have just discovered your blog. I would love to come visit your shop sometime.
    My husband and I have a dream of moving to NY in the near future (finances-and job ops-willing) and your blog is helping keep our dream alive! It reinforces to me that New York is everything I dream it to be. The good and bad things – I love them all!
    Hope we get to join you in NewYork soon,
    New Zealand

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