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Live Poultry Market

Amazing for Manhattan, isn’t it? This Live Poultry Market is at 198 Delancey in the Lower East Side, a neighborhood which now also has very trendy shops and residences. The contrasts in this city can be astounding – I couldn’t resist going down there and showing that there’s more to New York than even many residents know. Most New Yorkers whom I have told about this are quite surprised. Apparently the poultry is slaughtered on premises. I was put off somewhat by the place; rather shocking for a city dweller. More photos here.

Update (2008): To my understanding, this place is now closed.

19 Responses to Live Poultry Market

  1. Michael Blamey says:

    Interesting – don’t know of anything like this here but then the bush is only an hour away

  2. you’re right, I wouldn’t expect that in NY…the city is really full of surprises…thanks for taking that photo :-)

  3. Seems like we have everything going on simultaneously over here, it’s the mix of people, the very wealthy and the most poor illegal immigrants who live outside the official economy, and everything in between.

  4. Wow – color me amazed!
    LOL – who could have guessed?

  5. Edwin Sumun says:

    this is a great shot! it’s good to see you still have a healthy poultry industry. here in Malaysia we’ve been hit with the Avian Flu scare. The authorities have been culling the chickens. They even went as far as killing the birds in one of our Aviaries. Yes, priceless birds in an enclosed space.

  6. NYC TAXI SHOTS says:

    there is another one off of second ave i believe around 107 i went in there once and got sick being a vegan for 25 years it wasn t so appealing

  7. Well, I don’t know what “New Yorkers” you are talking about, because as a native New Yorker, we all know about these places. They’ve been here forever. In fact, I remember my father going in to one of those places and buying a chicken in the 1960′s. And while there were never “halal” places here in the city back then, there were kosher ones. And also regular, non-kosher ones.
    However, I don’t know many people who’ve bought poultry at such places, even though they were always here. Most people did and still buy frozen birds at the supermarket.

  8. I personally don’t know how anyone can look at this photo and be amazed? What is wrong with you? This is nothing but pure torture for these birds and you make it seem something other than what it is? I can’t believe this.

    With all of the torture and abuse that animals go through in this world, the least NY could do would be to stop these horror houses for these birds.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for seeing something else other than the torture that these birds are living in, just so you order their flesh.

    Color me amazed, this is what makes you amazed?? What kind of person sees amazement from this?

    You need to find your morals if indeed you ever had any!

  9. The cages are filthy, disgusting and cruel. Most of the birds can’t even turn around. I agree with the person who wrote that this is a house of horrors.

    - Margery Glickman

  10. This is animal abuse. These animals are suffering. Can’t people see this? Does anyone think that G-d intended this kind of treatment to animals?

    These animals have feelings and they are hurting and scared.

  11. elizabeth;
    I certainly don’t disagree. I was amazed, not amused or pleased. Amazed as in surprising or shocking.


  13. I have a heart for animals and love my dog and parakeets and fish BUT these chickens are food and knowing this market the cages are not overcrowded and are not encrusted like the peta people on here would like you to believe.

    As a native new yorker of Italian descent we always bought our poultry for special occasions at the Arthur Ave live market in the Bronx. Always a fresh killed capon at Christmas. My Nana used to call supermarket chickens “galline morte”.

    As any foodie will tell you the taste of fresh killed poultry is far superior to days old Perdue. And the water content is about half.

    Sorry if live poultry offends but don’t impinge on my right to eat well. Mike Giuseffi – Native New Yorker

  14. I think that people are entirely disconnected from where their food comes from. If you had to be self-sufficient, you wouldn’t know how to survive. I grew up on a farm and am now living in NYC, the thought of being able to know where your food is coming from is more of a comfort than a “horror”. With all the uncertianties of how fresh, clean, well cared for, etc your food has been, being able to go to a market where you can see and purchase your food is something that you should be happy about. You know that they are being treated humanely.

  15. That is me in the photo. I was looking back at places I where worked before, and to my surprize I recognized the person with the yellow apron is me.

  16. I used to live 2 blocks away from here. When you'd walk by, the sidewalk was always covered with blood and feather bits. Just sayin'. ;)

  17. I can’t believe people are amazed…these places are all over NYC…especially in the boroughs…I grew up seeing these. My parents bought fowl for some slamming soup

  18. Anon, BXforever77 – you are all right. We sheltered Manhattanites are out of the loop. Now that I explore the boroughs more, I have seen many live poultry places. And to an earlier Anon – yes people are too disconnected. I did a story on this called "At Arm’s Length."

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