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Friendship Lights

A running theme of my life in New York City has been seeking out those small gestures of kindness, consideration, love, humanity, and joyfulness. Why do I say small? On September 4, 2012, I wrote Humanity Comes in Small Bites. From that story:

New York City is much loved by many. However, it is no paradise, and the slings and arrows can easily outweigh the pleasures. I cannot speak to the experience of living full-time anywhere else, but this is no heaven and unless a masochist, the resident is best to lower their expectations for bliss and look for Pockets of Joy and Small Gestures, not Eden. Random acts of consideration will stand out and become noteworthy events, set against acts of rudeness. Here, acts of humanity come in small bites, not large meals.

On October 1, sitting in Washington Square Park with a friend, we noticed an individual place a small light on the ground clipped to a white card. Everything about it seemed deliberate. It beckoned to be picked up, so I did, handing the light to my friend while I kept the note. On one side of the small white card it said:

If you are lonely, sad or missing someone special,

please take this free Friendship Light.

On the reverse side:

A year ago I had a dream of people united, playing and having fun. People of all races and creeds were tossing and wearing this little glowing light. This moved me deep inside. I worked day and night for a year to make this dream come true. They are called Friendship Lights and represent love and friendship.

If you are feeling alone, missing someone special, ill or need a smile – please take one. It will warm your heart and help to get you focused on positive side of life. It has for me and many others.

I do not want anything in return. Your happiness will make me happy. And I believe good deeds make you a better person. We all get down sometimes and need someone or something to get us back on track. If you are interested in reading my story and why I do this: http://www.friendshiplight.com/maker

God bless,

We delighted in the impromptu gift and positive, life affirming message. And so, Jack has decided to make an industry of Small Gestures with his Friendship Lights

About the inventor: Jack Giambanco is a Gravesend, Brooklyn resident where he makes the lights in his garage in various colors from a biodegradable plastic. You can read more about Jack and the story behind The Friendship Light here.

3 Responses to Friendship Lights

  1. Jack will be holding one of his events tonight at Washington Square Park. Here are the details as posted:

    Tonight is the BIG PINK night. Never seen before interactive event.

    Meet amazing people and hear their stories as I place over 100 Friendship Lights throughout Washington Square Park tonight Friday October 25th at 6PM. Then take one home FREE and relive this experience forever.

    Be a part of the experience: http://www.FriendshipLights.com/PINK

    Where: Washington Square Park NYC

    When: Tonight, Friday October 25th starting at 6PM (Come at 5:30 to speak/interview to me in advance)

    I hope to see you there!

  2. I was there, it was awesome. I am new in New York and was welcomed by finding one of these lights.

  3. That was a great experience Sarah.. Good thing you witness the one of a kind vent in New York.

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