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Out There

Oh yes, this person is way out there. An infrequent regular to Washington Square Park, I caught him styling through one morning. Those of us who spend some time in the neighborhood have caught him in a variety of wardrobes, always walking tall and proud – no shy demeanor or closet behavior here. I know nothing about him. This is the latest in a series of exhibitionistic regulars and other flagrant and unusual acts which I have documented in this park: Spike, Narcissism Gone Wild, Water Sprites, Wood Nymph, War and Peace, Spring Madness, The Dance Parade, The Krishna Fest, PDA, Dyke March, Singing Bowls, Spinning, Twelve Tribes, Penny Farthing, Homeless Art, Superheroes, Snake Charmer, and Circus Amok.

There are many which I have not documented: the 9/11 Mysteries group who believes that 9/11 was a the result of a controlled demolition; Wednesday nights we have the Christians preaching and giving out free food; Mennonites singing and preaching to passersby (one of the most startling contrasts is to see wholesome religious folk in their classic attire in Manhattan); the ritual sacrifice of a chicken on 6/6/06. And we have a stable of regulars who are genuinely askew. We sometimes jokingly refer to the place as an asylum…

For more of André, go here.

24 Responses to Out There

  1. Bomb! I suppose below this post will be more than 50 comments! :D
    Nice picture! :D

  2. Intense!
    If I had half the nerve and confidence of this guy I’d be Empress of Brooklyn…but maybe that would be bad…

  3. What an elegant outfit on such a poised young man. I like it.

  4. Great photo! What a character. I love the energy and the way you’ve captured those very sure steps. This is what I adore about New York.

  5. oldmanlincoln says:

    A real character that could be the bearded lady in the county fair.

  6. Château-Gontierdailyphoto says:

    Very nice and interesting shot. I like also your comment very documented with the list of your last shots about this subject….amazing !!!

  7. • Eliane • says:

    This is terrific!!! I love those characters. I can only think of one that could compete on the UWS: he wears colorful spandex, the huge sunglasses, the whole attire can be spotted three blogs away. Love it!!! Oh my, I just saw the shoes.
    I now need to explore all those links!!!

  8. Neat picture – high energy, confidence, and what looks like a tea towel wardrobe. The top looks cool, and flows with the confident walk. And, the shoes add the final touch! Great pic.

  9. I my glad so many of you took time to view links of past photos. Much time is put into many blogs and sadly many previous postings are not viewed as time passes, yet they are still interesting and relevant. Thanks all.

  10. Before the picture loaded, I thought it might be the Soda Pull-Tabs Outfit Guy. Have you seen him? His whole outfit is covered in the pull tabs from soda cans. He spends most of his time at Union Square and Astor Place though. Sometimes he plays with basketballs and sometimes he wears a huge paper flower hat.

    This guy, on the other hand, wouldn’t surprise me on a runway. Unique for sure.

  11. Wow he looks like he belongs! Striding out there so confidently; i love it. His individuality is captured beautifully by your camera – my guess is that he’d love a copy. Why don’t you present him with one next time you see him. He looks as if he might take it well.

  12. When I spotted your thumbnail, yours was the first blog that I opened. I wanted to see that beautiful woman up close. It was quite a surprise to say the least. Then I looked at all of you characters. I am proud to live in a country were people can be different. And I thank you for showing me how different we can be.

  13. Sophie (à NY) says:

    yeah, i’ve met him too ! i wish i had my camera with me that day.
    i love the fact that this guy wears proudly what he likes, showing both his maculine and feminine parts. he is free.

  14. What a magnificent shot. Thos boots! certainly made for walking – or rather striding out!
    Sydney Daily Photo

  15. Great photo that captures the spirit of what makes this city great!

  16. This person looks like a free spirit; now I need to look at your links!

  17. What an amazing physique this guy has. No wonder he wants to show it all off! :o P

  18. i love your blog, it captures NY totally.

  19. He is beautiful!

  20. I like your blog: It’s informative, sometimes touching, and always interesting. What I don’t like is when you occasionally make derogatory comments about your subjects’ mental status such as saying that to look different is to be “out there.” We are all individuals. Marching to your own drummer is remarkable and positive and should be showcased as such in a time when capitalists are striving to eliminate individuality and creativity at every turn.

  21. Tia O'Connor says:

    He is on the cover of the French Vogue (November 2007 issue)!!! No kidding.

  22. Myra Beaulieu says:

    Oh ya he takes the cake

  23. Excellent. It was definitely worth the read.

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