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Unknown Bikers

The outlaw spirit is alive and well in New York City. On my visit to Salerno Service Station on Saturday, April 28, 2012, a small group of bikers convened at the station. I brought it to Mario’s attention, and he informed me that there was a club house for the East Williamsburg chapter of the Unknown Bikers around the corner at 41 Maujer Street. I found them somewhat intimidating, but Mario assured me that the bikers had posed no problem to them at all over the years.

As I sauntered over to Maujer Street, I noticed that the street had been closed off with traffic cones to all but the motorcyclists. My timing was perfect – within seconds of my arrival, the street was filled with bikes and bikers.
Others were taking photos and filming, and I followed suit. I am always careful around bikers, not knowing what type of reaction I might get taking photos. I was scrutinized by numerous members, but it appeared that I had some type of tacit approval.

Certainly bikers come from all walks of life and, to some extent, are like the rest of us. But there has to be an element of iconoclasm for someone to ride a Harley, join a motorcycle club, and wear a jacket proclaiming membership. There is a defiance, a renegade outlaw free spirit that has surrounded motorcycles since their origins, and belonging to a motorcycle club and wearing a jacket certainly makes that statement.

It was clear that some type of event was underway. I asked the nature of the gathering, and I was introduced to the organizer who informed me that this was a charity effort, the 4th Annual Alie Run of Bikers Against Childhood Cancer Foundation. The final destination of the bikers would be the Brooklyn Hospital. Salerno Service Station is one of the sponsors of the event.

The organizer assured me that the members were regular people just like everyone else. Admittedly, I was surprised that the nature of the meeting was a children’s charity event. Actually, motorcycle charity rides are common throughout the United States. I imagine some cynics may feel that these efforts are only bad boys trying to ingratiate themselves with the public. I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Here, in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, it looks to me like goodwill, courtesy of the Unknown Bikers :)

4 Responses to Unknown Bikers

  1. More Harley Davidson Bikers can be found in the NYC Harley Davidson Shop in Queens. They just had their “open day” last weekend…

  2. Did you ever get to see the bikers at Gooch’s Garlic Run in Little Italy? They used to line EVERY street in the neighborhood with bikes from every decade! What a treat it was to stroll up and down the streets to view these treasures. Now the Run takes place in Newark:

    Annual Gooch’s Garlic Run motorcycle ride calls Newark its new home Some 2,000 motorcycle riders hit the streets for a good cause today at the 24th annual Gooch’s Garlic Run. The event, organized by the law enforcement motorcycle association the Blue Knights and named for retired Andover Township Police Lt. Al “Gooch” Monaco, raises money for sick and injured children. For nearly a quarter century, Gooch’s Garlic Run has ended with garlic-infused dinners in Manhattan’s Little Italy. But after permitting problems thwarted the run last year, the event was moved to Newark’s Ironbound district. Motorcycles lined Ferry Street as riders gathered outside Iberia restaurant for an evening of live music, food and drink.

    Proceeds from this year’s Garlic Run also benefited Steven Yang, 16, who suffered a brain injury in a car accident, Juliana Moreno, a 2-year-old with leukemia and Daniel Zawaski, 9, who has a brain tumor.

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