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Jacked, Part 2

(see Part 1 here)

Shortly after running Part 1, I received the following email:

Love jacked part 1 lol , I’m honored for you to put us on your site . I’m happy your happy with the work on your car.  Whenever you need to come in for Anything e mail me here first and I’ll Be happy to help you .
Enjoy your weekend . Thank you .
- Sal A.

Later, his mother wrote to me. She included the photo*, seen above. Here a few of her comments regarding my story and the business:

Hi Brian, My name is Margaret Avallone, my son Sal of Salerno Service Station, gave me your email address-

The article on your website  “Jacked, part 1″ is beautifully written and we truly appreciate your kind words.  All of your articles on your web site are extremely well written and very entertaining and I look forward to reading your future  articles.

Believe it or not, that was probably a “quiet” day at the station, as there are many other characters who frequent the station on a daily basis just to socialize.
We enjoyed your view of our business and welcome you back anytime.

I inquired about the name Salerno. Margaret responded:

Salerno is the town in Italy where my father in law came from.  He would have told you many more stories himself, but unfortunately, suffered a stroke in October and is just not the same.

Yes, they have great work ethics and they have a passion for cars as well as a passion for the community.   Many people seem to find the business and family quite entertaining.  We were approached several times with the idea of a reality show and someone did actually do a demo tape- but we refused to go any further.  We weren’t looking to gain fame and all the problems that comes along with that.

We own real estate in the neighborhood that my husband built from empty rodent infested lots.  When that section of Williamsburg wasn’t considered the trendy neighborhood it is now, it was quite broken down.  My husband always loved the neighborhood and bought empty lots where buildings used to be at city auctions with hopes of restoring the area close to the gas station.  His father actually thought he was wasting his money, but the neighborhood real estate values jumped tremendously and his investments proved to be quite fruitful.

My husband truly has a passion for the neighborhood and helps out as much as possible, from our huge Christmas display we do every year, to donating toys at local schools & hospitals and sponsoring just about every local youth sports team.

There is a lot more to Salerno then meets the eye.

It was a great pleasure to meet the Avallone family, and I intend to go back soon. I suggest you do too, for any auto repair or maybe just feeling that you need to be Jacked :)

*The photo is from the local feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which does a procession through the neighborhood each year. They sell holy bread and make it a point to visit the gas station each year.  Mario Avallone is in the center, and his two sons, Mario and Salvatore, are next to him.

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  1. This is so bloody fun…I’m sitting here laughing and laughing! What a great family, what a great NY landmark.

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