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Money Talks and Dogs Walk

I have an old friend who virtually pioneered the business of dog walking in the early 1980s. The money was so good that she declined any media exposure for fear that others may learn about a business that was enjoyable and the money too good to be true. But the cat has long been out of the bag, and dog walking is a mature, competitive industry, alive and well in New York City. The city is not kind to pet owners, particularly when traveling. Dogs need to be fed and walked daily, and unlike the suburbs where a neighbor can adopt or look in periodically, this kind of solution is virtually nonexistent in New York City.

Like nearly every dilemma or difficulty here in the city, throwing money at the problem will usually solve it, and the more money you have, the better a solution you will find. Dog owners are notoriously indulgent, and for those with the money, there is no end of services and products – dog grooming, doggie day care, dog walkers, dog dating, pet boutiques, dog spas, pet chauffeurs, and even a bakery for pets. Here, you can buy diamond-studded dog collars, cashmere sweaters, and gourmet pet food. There are those with hounds so large that owners have rented separate apartments just for their dogs.

Recently in SoHo, I witnessed a pack walk – frowned upon by walkers who market themselves as walking only 2-3 dogs at one time. But there’s a lot more money to be made in pack walks, I am sure. This is NYC where Money Talks and Dogs Walk :)

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9 Responses to Money Talks and Dogs Walk

  1. Having this many dogs is dangerous. If another person’s dog(s) decides to go on the attack towards this pack, the results would be a disaster. If for any reason the walker should fall or a dog gets loose, there is less control for the rest of the pack he is walking. Personally, this is irresponsibility being demonstrated.

  2. Hit the button before I could finish. This is irresponsibility on the part of the walker being demonstrated. Having more than 2-3 dogs on a lease is dangerous for the dogs, for people on the street and for the walker. I wonder how much liability insurance is being carried.

  3. Leslie Gold says:

    The dogs look like they are all having fun hanging around with so many of their pals. Adorable.

  4. This is brave but is it wise? I know the dilemma: Walking all dogs or not walking any dogs. The reason is that the walker likely cannot leave any of the dogs behind as he does not have a helper or sitter to take care of the dogs that would be left behind.

    So what does a brave man do? He walks all of them at once and it works as they all are trained dogs! And the amazing thing is the dogs prefer the walk over NOT walking, despite the hardships. All I do is walk 3 or 4 small untraineddogs in a suburb by myself with the uturn handle, it works and the dogs love going out together.

  5. NO. He’s walking ELEVEN dogs at once. Insanity!

  6. Well, if you really want to own a dog here in New York and you keep on travelling you should be thankful that there are businesses like these that will take good care of your dogs.. Make sure that your dogs are well trained..

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Brian for featuring Metro Mutts… :)

  9. This I remember………….. from the only time I have been to New York.
    It was winter and some of the dogs had fuhr coats.

    Your blog brought back some nice memories.

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